• Achieve Self Mastery
  • Facilitate Human Empowerment
  • Experience Conscious Living

Consultations & Services

The Atmalaya Institute offers an array of services that focus on optimum health solutions that are sustainable. All of our various services maintain a directive to stay true to our customers highest and best interests maintaining responsible, conscious, long term, adaptive transformations. Read more...


The ATMALAYA® Meditation Program is a step by step systematic approach to gaining control over our minds, emotions and every other area of our lives that ultimately leads to the state of Self-mastery. By consistently and sincerely practicing the techniques taught, you will progress through the meditation stages gaining a unique level of confidence and Self-awareness that will empower every area of your life.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Atmalaya® Institute Yoga Teacher Training Program is considered to be one of the best programs on the planet. This 1000 hour program is double that of most programs. Designed to be completed either through full time or part time study students will have the opportunity to gain certification in levels. In addition to certification, appropriate titles will be granted depending upon level of understanding and personal mastery of the concepts. Read More...

Featured Article


By: Yoga Vibhushan, Yogacharya


The art and science of Yoga, that is one of the greatest treasures of our unique Indian cultural heritage has a lot to offer in terms of an understanding of the human mind. Yoga treats man as a multi layered, conscious being, possessing three bodies (Sthula, Sukshma and Kaarana Sharira) and being enveloped in a five layered (Pancha Kosha) of existence. Read More - Integral Psychology of Yoga